AOL ranks as 5th most popular mobile internet brand

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Mobile, Technology

Media information company Nielsen has released new data on the top 10 mobile internet sites and brands. It shows that, to a large extent, mobile internet usage mirrors total internet use, with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Microsoft among the most visited mobile brands. Surprisingly, the AOL network ranked fifth in terms of traffic.

Nielsen estimated from its mobile sample that in December 2009 the total mobile internet audience was 62 million. Over half of mobile users visited a Google or Yahoo brand in December. Facebook and MSN/WindowLive/Bing ranked third and fourth. And the AOL brand saw 17.3 million mobile users in December.

A look at the top mobile websites shows that AOL email accounted for 7.3 million mobile internet visits, which leaves 10 million unique visits coming from AOL’s wide array of content sites. It was certainly a surprise to this Google devotee, and demonstrates that the AOL brand still has legs.  (Get the rest of the rankings)

  1. mego says:

    nice statics ………..thx

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