Big Media Jumps On The Foursquare Bandwagon

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Social Media & Networking, Technology

Brands seem to be tripping over themselves to align with hot mobile startup Foursquare.

After Pepsi, Tasti D-Lite and Metro News dipped their toes, a wave of media brands including Bravo TV, HBO, Warner Brothers, Zagat and the History Channel are now testing the waters, experimenting with the platform in new and interesting ways.

These new deals represent an entertainment trifecta for Foursquare–network TV, cable TV and movie studios. Last week Bravo announced integration for select shows. Today, Warner Brothers began a promotion for their star-studded movie “Valentine’s Day”. HBO also appears to be rolling out an effort for “How to Make It in America”, a New York version of “Entourage”. And the History Channel says it is also in the midst of partnering with Foursquare, though details are still being worked out. (get the whole story)


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