Nifty Facebook Infograph compresses last 6 years into one long picture.

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Social Media & Networking

Facebook recently celebrated their 6th birthday. In human years, that’s hardly reason to call it old. But in tech years, 6 years is more like 50 human years. It’s been a unique journey for the once Harvard-only social networking site. They expanded to include other schools, and then eventually, the entire world.

With over 400 million worldwide users today and upwards of 900 employees, Facebook has become quite the social media/internet company juggernaut. People of the world today don’t want to be bored with words and text as we’re not accustomed to flash images and video. While I don’t have any video for you, the nifty “Facebook Through the Years” infograph should keep you more than entertained. Have at it. (check out the 6 yr history in one image)

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