Social Game Company Worth Over $3bn

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Gaming/Entertainment, Social Media & Networking, Technology

Social games are becoming big business, with a new report indicating that developer Zynga could be worth more than US$3 billion—with the entire games industry worth $38bn at E3 2009.

Zynga, the publisher of Facebook games such as Farmville, Mafia Wars and Texas HoldEm Poker, has not yet filed for an IPO, so its worth is yet unknown. However, research company NeXt Up! analysts have used expected compound annual growth to calculate the company’s worth between $2.8 and $3.3bn.

Zynga’s user base increased from 30 million people in April 2009 to 228 million in January 2010.
With a significant presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo, as well as iPhone apps, Zynga primarily makes money through in-game advertising and marketing offers, though the report stated that 40 per cent of Zynga’s revenue comes from the sale of virtual goods. (get the rest of the story)
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