Wine Online: How Wine Lovers Use Social Media

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Misc, Social Media & Networking

Twitter. Facebook. Blogs and videos. With all the various ways to communicate about wine (and myriad other pursuits), it’s a wonder we have any time left to sip and relax.

But social media gurus say that tweeting and blogging can help us enjoy our favorite tipple. “Wine is a very social beverage,” says Warren Sukernek, VP of Strategies for Lift9, a Seattle-based social media marketing firm. “The whole experience is definitely enhanced for enthusiasts when you’re talking to others about it, whether it’s exploring new wines or comparing tasting notes.”

This may be why, according to a new study from Lift9, 700,000 people watch wine-related videos each month. There are over 7,000 wine tweets per day, and over 1,300 bloggers focusing on wine. And the wine experience has become portable, with more than 300 iPhone apps.

We asked Lift9 to share with us the top clicks in the social media realm, and how each tool is being used. (see the other cool stuff)


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