Now this is the True Use of Social Media – (#SMCDallas)

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Personal, Social Media & Networking

Being relatively new to the social media realm, I am constantly on the look to see how social media is being used by individuals, companies and brands.  And of course you see everything from people jockeying for the most follower on Twitter or sharing what their cat or dog did today that was funny (or really wasn’t).  And let’s not forget those companies that are more than happy to let you know all about their amazing product or service. Now the one that really gets me is the people that have thousands of followers on Twitter and the only thing they provide is “how to get thousands of followers”.

So after recently attending a Social Media Club Dallas Event where Chris Brogan spoke at, one of the many things I took from that evening was to use social media to help one another which leads me to one of the best uses I’ve encountered so far;

Lauren A. Fernandez (aka @cubanalaf) has a fairly success blog where she shares about her interest and work.  However today she is promoting something a little different, her best friend.  You see, her friend, Traci Koller is a young, energetic, up and coming PR professional who, like a lot people, is hitting those road bumps on the employment road. So Lauren is doing more than just putting forth the typical effort most of us do when helping out someone. You know, those of us that would say something like “let me see what I can do” or “I will keep and eye open for something and let you know”. She is using the power of social media by telling the world about why someone should hire her friend Traci.  And with this effort, many of Laurens friends have re-tweeted and promoted Traci’s cause as well.  If Laurens effort is only seen by a few people (which it will probably be more like hundreds or thousands) it will only take one to hire her friend Traci.

You see, I believe social media is not only for seeing how many friends we can have on Facebook or promote products/services on Twitter but more for the use of gaining and maintaining relationships which we can use to help one another.

So you have a minute  and especially if you are in the market for a great PR employee, please visit Laurens blog today and check at ALL the reasons that you should hire Traci Koller.


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