Shazam Intros the SARA Program

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Gaming/Entertainment, Technology

Shazam announces SARA program
Enlarge  picture

Leading mobile discovery provider Shazam announced recently that it had launched a new program for brands and broadcasters, namely the Shazam Audio Recognition Advertising (SARA). According to the company, the new program is meant to offer revolutionary interactivity with broadcast and advertising through delivering a deeper consumer engagement on mobile phones. The new solution has been already used by clothing brand Dockers for its global “Wear the Pants” campaign, and is expected to show Shazam’s leadership of consumer discovery in the mobile-application space.

At the same time, Shazam also announced a partnership with Augme Mobile for the introduction of the SARA program on the North American market. According to the company, Augme Mobile is one of the pioneers in the mobile marketing technology, thus having a deep understanding of the capability to create, deliver, manage and track interactive marketing campaigns that brands and advertising agencies need. Shazam also notes that the program can be used for special promotions and hidden content, while enabling viewers to interact directly with branded content. Moreover, it also offers viewers the possibility to share tagged items with friends. (get the rest)


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