Study Reveals Significant Digital Trends

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Personal

23 Feb 2010

Experian Marketing Services has launched the latest version of its annual digital benchmark report, updated to reflect consumer behaviors and preferences in 2010. The “2010 Digital Marketer: Benchmark And Trend” report is designed to help marketers better connect with consumers as companies worldwide continue to shift to digital channels at a faster pace.

The report contains trend information, predictive benchmark data and analytical insight from across the marketing landscape, giving today’s businesses a more accurate and complete understanding of the digital consumer. Channels such as email, digital advertising, mobile, search, online communities and social media are analyzed in the report, which also provides insight on the multichannel attitudes and behaviors of consumers today. The report’s goal is to help businesses from all industries drive their 2010 programs and return on investment goals.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Adults ages 18 to 34 prefer instant messaging, text messaging, cell phones and social sites as main sources of information and entertainment. However, consumers 50 and older prefer the Internet to their mobile phones.
  • Adults over age 50 tend to engage in online activities like researching financial and medical information, while those ages 25 to 49 spend more Internet time banking online and reading news.
  • Digital addressable advertising delivered to targeted households improved media efficiency by 56 percent.
  • Emails promoting in-store visits in 2009 grew by 50 percent, highlighting the increased usage of email for cross-channel marketing. (get the remain study)


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