Girls (and Boys) on Film: Gen Y’s Hollywood Screen Test

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Gaming/Entertainment, Social Media & Networking, Technology

Michael Cera, 2007So, MTV has decided to inject a little topicality  into its reality show line-up with a new series about young, unemployed college grads on the job hunt. Five bucks says all the job hunters are hot and at least 80% of them have marketing backgrounds and are looking for social media heavy jobs in PR or digital advertising. The others will be aspiring journalists. And there will be a would-be event planner in the bunch. Bank on it. I don’t quite know how MTV is going to sex up sitting on the couch in your pajamas aimlessly clicking around Monster or Workopolis while eating Doritos, watching Days of Our Lives out of the corner of your eye and trying to ignore FB status updates from higher-achieving members of your extended family. Or perhaps gently weeping as you return from the mailbox clutching a loan repayment notice from Sallie Mae?  I have faith that they’ll think of something, though. Something involving copious amounts of alcohol and ill-advised job hunter hook-ups, no doubt. (check out the rest of the story)


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