iTunes 201: Using smart playlists to fill your portable’s music library

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Personal

Unless you don’t listen to a whole lot of music, chances are pretty good that your iTunes music library is larger than what will fit on your iPhone. As an example, my music library is over 39 GB, but my iPhone 3G only has a 16 GB capacity — and I have to fit apps, pictures, videos, and data into that small space, too.

One way of solving this dilemma is by using iTunes’s powerful smart playlists to filter your library into a size that’s a little more iPhone-friendly. The following smart playlists are examples from my own setup, but the smart playlist system is flexible enough that you can do almost anything with it to filter your songs. Naturally, these tips will work just as well for any of Apple’s smaller capacity players, like iPod nanos or lower-capacity iPod touches and iPads; I’ve focused on the iPhone only because that’s what I own.

(check out the rest of the story)


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