Foursquare comes to Bing Maps

Posted: March 25, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Gaming/Entertainment, Mobile, Social Media & Networking, Technology

Foursquare on Bing Maps, which will be coming out later this spring.

(Credit: Bing)

As part of its announcement Thursday morning at the SES conference in New York that also saw the preview of a new user interface, Microsoft announced that its Bing Maps tool will soon be enhanced by a new Silverlight-based tool that pulls in tips and comments from location-based networking service Foursquare. Along with the other upgrades to Bing, this will be rolling out over the course of the spring.

Don’t panic: This won’t broadcast your location to anyone hunting around on Bing Maps. It will, however, pull up the quick “tips” that Foursquare users can attach to a given business or other venue, like the one I saw when I “checked in” to a restaurant last night and was greeted with “Love, love, love the Brussels sprouts.” (check out the rest of the story)


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