iPass? The best present and future alternatives to the Apple iPad

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Apple, Gaming/Entertainment, Mobile, Technology

// When Steve Jobs introduced the iPad he was quick to shake his finger in the nose of the other devices out there attempting to fill the gap between cell phone and full-sized laptop, and in particular those market-dominating netbooks. In Apple’s opinion, the iPad may be the gadget for surfing the web, watching movies, reading books and running apps, but it’s surely not the only game in town. And if you aren’t sold on the iPad, but happen to be someone who’s looking to buy a secondary computing device to use while traveling or while simply lying on the couch, your choices at the moment come down to netbooks and… well, more netbooks. And that’s not such a bad thing, especially if you need a feature Apple’s tablet can’t offer, like multitasking, a keyboard, or Flash support. So, before you get up on Saturday morning and run off to purchase that iPad, you may want to peruse the best current (as well as coming) alternatives we’ve rounded up after the break.

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