Facebook Ads Will Use Your Web History

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Gaming/Entertainment, Social Media & Networking, Technology

Facebook will soon use your activity on other web pages to target ads based on your interests, Financial Times reports. That’s potentially a big boon for advertisers, but it won’t sit well with privacy advocates.

Note that Facebook already targets ads using information from your profile, and this new system will not track all of your browsing.

Rather, Facebook will offer sharing buttons to interested websites. Readers will be able to click on them to share the links with their Facebook friends via Facebook Connect — just like the buttons you already see on this Mashable article. (check out the rest of the article)

  1. Brad says:

    My first reaction was oh no. But then I remembered Google does it all the time. Most people don’t realize as soon as you connect to any site your privacy is out the window. The only problem is that we don’t trust anyone with anything nor do we realize that all websites know our location via our ip adress that pops up in site logs.

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