Foursquare Can’t Meet Advertising Demand, Is It The Next Mobile Marketing Frontier?

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Mobile, Social Media & Networking, Technology

Foursquare Can't Meet Advertising Demand, Is It The Next Mobile  Marketing FrontierAdvertisers are lining up to become a part of Foursquare’s developing mobile-ad business, the only problem is that the startup is having trouble keeping up with the demand.

Even Foursquare itself is surprised the service has caught on as quickly as it has, and the inherent growing pains of a fast moving startup are beginning to take hold.  The ecosystem that’s evolving around the service is growing by leaps and bounds, and advertisers have seized on the model as a way to serve up location-based ads and special offers, without annoying mobile users.

Upon launching its “Local Business Dashboard,” which allows local businesses to sign-up and launch offers and promotions to take full advantage of the potential, Foursquare has been bombarded with local businesses wanting a piece of the pie.

“Foursquare’s funnel is overflowing now.  They’ve got so many people that want to work with them that they can’t handle it all,” said Michael Schneider, vice president at ad agency Allen & Gerritsen Inc.  “We’re kind of stuck with the vanilla experience of go to the site and fill out a form.”

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