World Cup 2010 Social Media Marketing Strategies on Twitter and Facebook

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Social Media & Networking, Sports & Entertainment, Technology

The 2010 World Cup FIFA event is still a month away but Social Media marketing strategies involving Facebook and Twitter are already popular. Strategies that include the use of Facebook sites to connect fans on global and regional levels and Twitter accounts to provide updates on the preliminary news and action. Not even the 2010 Winter Olympics received this kind of global Social Media attention a month before the opening ceremony.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise for three key reasons. Football (a.k.a “Soccer” in North America) is the number one participatory sport in approximately 75% of the world. The FIFA World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event on the face of the earth. And this will be the first World Cup since the explosive growth of Social Media marketing. So with this knowledge we ventured the Internet to locate the most popular and relevant 2010 World Cup sites on Facebook and Twitter. From a Social Media marketing case study perspective as well a pure fan point of view.


The World Cup is scheduled to kick off on June 11, 2010 but fans are already flocking to Facebook to participate in festivities and get daily updates about this global “social” event in advance of the 32 team competition. After researching a multitude of regional, national and global Facebook accounts we found one that encompasses the best of all of them:

We based this choice on the following observations:

A wall containing real time global RSS News Feeds – Outbound links to news articles, videos and intriguing stories – Over 30,000 Fans and growing daily without the benefit of direct marketing.

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