Yahoo Fails At Buying Foursquare, Picks Up Asian Version Instead

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Gaming/Entertainment, Mobile, Personal, Social Media & Networking, Technology

It’s been widely reported that Yahoo has long had its sights set on Foursquare, but after failing to negotiate effectively, the company has picked up the next best thing- Jakarta, Indonesia-based Koprol.

Being called the “Asian Foursquare,” Koprol offers a similar location-based service including the omnipresent “check-in” functionality.  The company says it focuses on the “intersection of location, community expertise and mobile experiences.”

The price tag put on Foursquare was likely well above the $100M mark, and while the acquisition could have been both good and bad for both Yahoo and Foursquare, picking up Koprol instead was a smarter move given Yahoo’s long-term goals of placing itself at the forefront of emerging markets.

Yahoo announced yesterday that its entered into a partnership with Nokia, which is still the device maker of choice in emerging markets, and Koprol itself is a Web app as opposed to mobile apps, which will make it much more accessible in the markets Yahoo is interested in entering.

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