Apple Shows Us What HTML5 Can Do

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Apple, Technology

Apple is one of the biggest supporters of HTML5, and Steve Jobs clearly states he thinks this new web standard is the future of the web. To show what, exactly, it means by that, Apple launched a HTML5 showcase, displaying what a HTML5-capable browser can do without the need to install any additional plugins.

In typical Apple style, the showcase consists of simple, elegant, and yet quite impressive demos of this technology. In one demo, you can type in some text, quickly change the font, its size and transparency, rotate it or add a shadow effect. Another lets you browse through a horizontal, vertical or grid-shaped gallery of images, while a particularly impressive demo lets you spin a 3D object by clicking and dragging.

Apple’s message is clear: HTML5 is mature enough for wide adoption, and sites which require add-ons to display content are a thing of the past. The text on the site states: “Standards aren’t add-ons to the web. They are the web.” Yes, you can definitely cover a lot of ground that used to belong to Flash with HTML5. What Apple doesn’t tell us is that one could create a similar showcase in Flash with far more advanced effects, which are way out of reach of HTML5 and CSS3.

To try out any of the demos you’ll need to download the latest version of Safari. (get the rest of the story via Mashable)


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