Five Video Ads to Get You Pumped About the World Cup

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Sports & Entertainment

As nearly every person on the planet knows, the World Cup kicks off tomorrow. Given that the world of online video has a tendency to reflect our global society’s collective consciousness, it is no surprise that there has already been plenty pre-game excitement across the web’s video destinations.

Here at Visible Measures, we have been tracking the constellation of brand-driven online video ads related to the world’s largest sporting event. Some have already landed on Ad Age’s Top 10 Viral Video Ads Chart, while others have comparatively fallen flat. To give you a preview of some of the top ads you might see over the next month, we took a look at five of the most-viewed online video ads associated with the World Cup thus far.

No. 5: Puma: Love=Football | 535,000 views

Puma’s “Love Equals Football” campaign is a celebration of the sport in Africa, set to the tune of Gnarl Barkley’s “Going On.” The most-viewed spot for the campaign cuts between scenes of kids playing street soccer and the joy and insanity leading up to the big event. Fans paint themselves in preparation of a game, a young man dribbles a ball through a crowded market, and children play in a makeshift field inside an abandoned pool. For fans of the games, standout moments include a young boy’s slack-jawed expression at an older player’s in-stride rainbow kick, as well as the reckless post-game celebration of dozens of fans inside, outside, and on top of a moving truck. Suffice to say, “Love Equals Football” is a feel-good campaign for the game of soccer. It has so far racked up over half a million views since its launch in March.

(get the other four videos)


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