Brightkite Teams With McDonalds & Visa For Unique LBS Rewards Campaign

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Mobile, Social Media & Networking, Technology

Mobile Marketing Brightkite Teams With McDonalds & Visa For Unique LBS Rewards Campaign

Brightkite has teamed with McDonalds and Visa to power a unique rewards program centered around checking-in to McDonalds locations to earn a $5 Visa gift card.

Following similar programs with brands like Starbucks, The CW, Sharpie and Dentyne, this rewards campaign marks the largest brand play to date for Brightkite.  McDonald’s and Visa got together to launch the ‘Easy’ badge for Brightkite users to earn by checking in to their nearest McDonalds.  The first 500 people to earn the badge  receive a $5 Visa gift card, courtesy of Visa and Brightkite.

To highlight the campaign, Brightkite is also running a location and activity targeted ad campaign that launches an on-screen spinner that highlights the McDonald’s dollar menu.  The Brightkite campaign is integrated with other media including online and out-of-home.

While the rewards campaign is unique in and of itself, the ad-creative built into the Brightkite application is innovative as well.  The ads are targeted to fast-food places and activities and clicking them launches a custom spinner that highlights items from McDonald’s dollar menu.  Clicking again links to the Brightkite page to help the user find their nearest McDonalds where they can earn their badge and its subsequent reward.  The campaign is limited to the first 500 qualified users, so head on down to your nearest McDonalds, check-in using Brightkite and take advantage of the offer while you still can. (check out the rest of the program)


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