Why Facebook’s mobile announcements are a game-changer

Posted: November 5, 2010 in Advertising & Marketing, Gaming/Entertainment, Mobile, Social Media & Networking, Technology

Facebook CheckinCheck-in to places on Facebook

Facebook’s announcement of its mobile deal platform is a game-changer because it will likely encourage the adoption of check-in activities, providing opportunities for mobile marketers.

The new Android 1.4 update includes the launch of Places and Groups. With the launch of Places, people can now check-in to their favorite restaurant, museum, business or any other location from an Android phone.

“Since it launched two months ago, consumers have tested Facebook Places’ functionality, but there’s been little benefit to consumers for participating,” said Augie Ray, social media analyst at Forrester Research, Cambridge, MA.

“Facebook is now poised to spark a wave of location-based behavior that will extend beyond the relatively small set of early adopters who currently use services such as Foursquare and Gowalla,” he said.

Last month, Facebook reached a major milestone: 200 million people around the world are now actively using Facebook from a phone, more than triple the number just one year ago.

Single sign-on
As part of Wednesday’s announcements, Facebook made major updates to both its Android and iPhone applications.

The company also announced a single sign-on, meant to be a hassle-free way to log-in to mobile applications.

“Facebook’s ability to become a de facto single signon for all mobile apps will depend a great deal on how developers adopt this functionality, but also will hinge on the level of trust that consumers have in Facebook,” Mr. Ray said. (get the rest of the story)

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