Online and mobile tools for market research

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Personal

Remember back in the day when business was slow and steady? No frantic rushing around, a calm and relaxed business environment. Much like a stroll down a country lane in the days when not much happened, and the changes that did evolve could be seen well in advance and dealt with over time?

Well, maybe I am not old enough, but I do not remember it either.

The pace of change our parents and grandparents might have known pales in comparison to today’s fast-changing climate.

If business is a highway, mobile marketing is certainly one of the fastest lanes you can be in today.

Here are some tips to keep you from ending up in the ditch:

Market research works
Market research has been around a long time, even before mobile phones – much less mobile marketing – were common, and remains an important tool for fast-growing business.

Keeping up with customer requirements often means keeping up with needs and desires that can change literally overnight.

Formal market research has traditionally cost more than most small- and medium-sized businesses can afford, and could take weeks or months to develop, execute and analyze.

Not anymore.

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