How to design for Google’s Android

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Advertising & Marketing, Mobile, Technology

Anyone on the agency side can attest to the fact that last year saw the application movement reach a fever pitch.

From Android to iPhone to iPad and Windows Phone 7, our cup continues to runneth over with requests from clients for applications of every size and shape.

But the volume and pace we have experienced when designing for Apple products is nothing compared to what is coming with Google’s Android.

Apple will continue to do first-mover innovative work, and will continue to own the high end of the market for mobile devices, but the broad action in the mobile space will come from Android.

In 2009, Gartner predicted that Android would become the No. 2 mobile operating system in 2012. It seems they have already blown past that prediction.

Here are four observations we have made the hard way in designing for the Android environment:

Form factors and operating systems: Infinite options, infinite headaches
Even though iPhone and iPad application development is getting more complicated with the release of new iOS and hardware versions, we are not facing an avalanche of form factors, devices and versions of operating systems like we have in the past. (get the rest here)

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