How HTML5 is changing the face of mobile

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Mobile, Technology

Land Rover claims 50pc engagement rate for The DaiLand Rover courts iPad users with rich-media advertising

HTML5 is enabling open, cross-platform rich-media standards that will help brands’ and agencies’ display advertising achieve the compelling creative and reach across mobile devices they have been seeking.

Apple contributed significantly to the growth of HTML5—first by refusing to let its iOS devices support Adobe Flash, then by launching its own rich-media mobile ad network, iAd. However, HTML5 is an open standard, and it will do for mobile what Flash did for online.

“One of the real benefits of HTML5 is its potential, in the long run, to standardize the highly fragmented rich-media universe, making it easier and more efficient for advertisers to engage consumers with even more immersive advertising experiences – across both PC and mobile – at scale,” said Jamie Wells, director of global trade marketing, mobile, local and commerce at Microsoft, Redmond, WA.

Major players getting in the game

Viacom subsidiaries Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks used mobile rich-media advertising as part of the multichannel campaign to promote the summer blockbuster Shrek Forever After.

Timed to coincide with the film opening on May 21 last year, the Shrek Forever After campaign targeted iPhone on the Yahoo mobile homepage at and the Yahoo Movies mobile portal at from May 20 – May 22. (check out the rest of the story)


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