Will HTML5 help battle mobile fragmentation in 2012?

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Advertising & Marketing, Mobile, Technology


Financial Time browser-based mobile appThe Financial Times was one of the first publishers to embrace HTML5 this year

Industry experts agree that HTML5 will play a prominent role in mobile development in 2012 and will be used to try to overcome fragmentation issues that the industry has consistently battled.

With the expected increase in HTML5 development, brands and retailers need to reevaluate their mobile strategy to fit a cross-platform solution. HTML5 also has broader implications for handset manufacturers, which need to be considered when creating mobile applications and Web sites.

“Right now there is a lot of hype with HMTL5, but there is a question about the value that it adds,” said Patrick Emmons, director of professional services at Adage Technologies, Chicago.

“Adobe’s decision to give up on Flash was abrupt but also signals how HTML5 will have to play a role in the future because it was one of the most successful Web add-ins,” he said. click here for the complete story


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