A Saturday Morning with QR Codes

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Personal

QR Codes CityPubDFW

As most know, I am a little bit of a mobile nerd. So with that being said I am sitting here on a Saturday morning looking though a coupon pack that came in the mail (you know.. the kind with postage) and noticed that some of the individual offers had QR Codes.

Thinking that QR Codes have been around for a little while, I decided to do a small test and this is what I found;

  • There were a total of 26 individual pieces in the pack
  • Out of the 26 peices, 9 of them had QR Codes on them (about 35%) which ain’t too bad. This shows me that more advertisers are looking on how they can carry their brand beyond the printed ad. However, my findings go downhill from there…
  • Out of the 9 QR Codes, 6 of them directed to those companies website (that has not been optimized for mobile).  People, THIS IS NOT GOOD!  Please realize that your potential customers are interacting with your QR Codes on their mobile devices and therefor your website needs to work for that screen size and user experience.  It is not difficult to make this happen.  Most website platforms have a mobile plugin, or templates, so please get with the person or company that built your site and ask them to start creating mobile versions.  Your mobile site will work great with your QR Code marketing and it will also server as a great user experience for the 20-30% of people that visit your website from their mobile phone on a daily basis. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
  • 2 of the 9 QR Codes went directly to a YouTube video. Now, this is not a bad strategy but you can do better.  Like the 6 I just mentioned, you want to drive your QR Code traffic to a mobile optimized web page and here are a few reasons why… you can request info from your prospect (like signing up for a monthly email), promote additional offers, and you can still add that video you like so much.  On top of all this, you will have the ability to gain more data (analytics) on your vistors which will allow you to better target your marketing efforts in the future.
  • And for you, the one ad that did send the user to a mobile landing page, congratulations.  Maybe next time you will help educate your clients on how to maximize their ads, due to it is your business they are buying the ads from (See image).

Remember people, mobile is here and gaining serious traction day by day.  Soon more of your customer will be engaging with you via a mobile phone (or tablet) rather than on their desktop/laptop so please be prepared.


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